Show us your stripes

Tiger Tail Digital is a holding or wrapper for all things digital. Unconstrained in thinking, we employ and unite like–minded thinkers, partners and subject matter experts coupled with a wide range of research tools to build digital strategies, enabling us to support our clients’ digital transformation needs. Tiger Tail Digital creates and builds a startup culture that holds multiple verticals across the digital revolution in the form of business units, legal entities, joint ventures and partnerships.

We see digital as...

Channels | APIs to Partners | Integration | IoT (Internet of Things) | RPA (Robotic Process Automation) | [Data Science, Machine Learning, AI] | Cyber Security.
Tiger Tail Digital provides services across all of these disciplines. For digital we need to execute quickly and test with clients continuously.

This requires a new way of work

Design Thinking | Digital Marketing & Media | DevOps | DevSecOps | SDET or QADev | Data Science, Machine Learning, AI | RPA| Agile Delivery.
Tiger Tail Digital provides services in these ways of work.

How do we engage

Scope of Work (SOW), Consulting, Contracting, Recruitment, Fixed Price and Outcome based.

Our intent

To disrupt digital supply chains by giving the market a channel to procure all things digital in an unconstrained manner through a commercially sustainable business model.